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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blogger vs WordPress

Decisions Decisions...every serious blogger right now users WordPress. Does this mean that a person has to move to WordPress as well. I mean WordPress has sooooo many plugins and so many themes. Blogger on the other hand i feel is being neglected by google,like most of its products. But i like blogger iv been here for a while now from 2006 until now.

I would suggest that if you are still new to this blogging game,Blogger should be your first choice.It is so much easier to learn and to use.Also note that it is much easier to get adsense with a blogger account then it is with any other.Blogger is google's baby after all.

However once you do grow out of blogger and you have started making a little bit of cash from your blog and your traffic is high. I would suggest that you migrate and move to WordPress. Me on the other hand im content with blogger so i will stick around