Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why Bloggers are poor

Bloggers who participate in adsense complain that they don’t make a lot of money or no money at all on adsense.Most bloggers have given up on trying making money from blogging and adsense.I’m about to tell you why bloggers are failing to make money on adsense and this should not come as a shock.


There are two main reasons why bloggers don’t make money from blogging and adsense.

1 Adsense

2. Blogger (Blogspot)

I’m sure if you reading this post you are thinking to yourself how? Well this is because all these services are free, this eliminates risk and if risk is eliminated motivation is eliminated and laziness also develops. Bloggers (blog entrepreneurs in this case) don’t put their best in their blogs because they know in the end they won’t loose anything if their goals are not met.

Imagine if an agency fee of $60 had to be paid to adsense on a monthly basis and a hosting fee of $12 had to be paid to blogger.com.This will make bloggers work hard to make their blogs a success and to meet set goals. If bloggers had to pay for the currently free services they would go out of their way to get and increase Traffic, Increase CTR and optimize their blogs for Search Engines and adsense.so what can you do.

What to do?

A remedy that I suggest to this problem would be to: Tell yourself when ever you blogging that every month end you have to pay an agency fee to Adsense of $60 and a hosting fee of $ 15 to blogger.The reason for this is to make bloggers give their best when blogging for money and also to unleash the best skills in them.

Final word

You owe Google money it’s due at the end of the month. (Giggle!!!)

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Mark said...

Thank you for making me aware of this.You are right when ever i blog i dont give it my all because i know i not loosing anything.From now on this is one of my favorite blogs.

Anonymous said...

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soni2006 said...

Hi Richblogger.

How are you buddy.

I agree with you. You are totally right and I understand that people do not give as much time to a free thing than they give to something they are paying for.

I like your blog and advice. By the way, I am having a different problem nowadays. I have started blogging on the net since last five months but I am not able to earn more than 200 dollars through adsense. Money is the main factor with the bloggers, especialy with those who are blogging for money and not for just fun. In my opinion, I never look into blogging as a full-time career as I am not totally sure that I can earn my living with blogging.

Please provide some feedback to my comment. Any type of comment will be greatly appreciated.