Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Higher Search Engine ranking

There are many factors that affect how your blog rank on search engines and if you don’t rank well chances are you wont be making a lot of money from blogging.If you are ranked in the top 10 on the first page on search engines chances are you might make $3-$4 min from your blog.
Most people use Google to search for Information on the net and if you don’t rank well you wont get a lot of traffic, so I'm going to discuss how to rank better in Google And using someSEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips .
Links and Anchor Text

This is the most important SEO factor that determines how you rank, the more links to your site the higher you rank on search engines.Inorder to be good at this you must select and optimize your Anchor text-the word or term used on someone's blog or site that links to you in my case it would be "Making Money From Blogging"this is what I want people to search.
This is also how Google Bombing is done, so instead of writing your blogs name when linking write what you want to be search for and that’s it. If enough and I mean enough blogs link to you with that phrase or word you are bound to get a higher ranking.
So when ever you link exchange tell the linker to use the word or phrase you want to be search for and remember to keep the links growing.This is totally legitimate.
Fresh Contents

If you can combine what was said about links and anchor text with fresh content you sure to rank high. Fresh content is loved by search engines and if you can update your blog every week you will make good progress to Google's top 10.
This though depends on what you are writing about if you write about something that's not very competitive you don’t have to update that much but you must update and do maintenance on your blog.
Keyword tweaking

This is very effective on how you rank and has to be done and must be done, if you repeat the keyword you want to rank for you will get a good ranking ,this must not be overdone because Google will think its spam and rank you lower or be banned.Use this tool to see which words people search for in relations to your Topic or keyword, try to use most of the words/phrase suggested instead of one.
Keywords and the title tag

You need to insert the keyword you want to rank for in the title tag of your blog; I changed my title from Richblogger the original name of my blog to Making Money From blogging.You must also consider the question of what word will be typed in the search engines.
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