Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Best SEO Tools for Bloggers

These are SEO tools that bloggers can use in the quest of making money from blogging.You can use these tool to see how your competition is doing and you can use to see if your blog is perfoming

Page Rank Tools

Full-Page Pagerank Tool

Enter a blog adress and this useful tool will show you the Google Page Rank and all links to page.(very confusing).
Link Tools

Enter a blog adress and this pagerank calculator outputs a PR value showing you how you rank on search engines.It also show you whether the rank is fake or not

Backlinks Analyzer Tool

This tool tells you exactly how many people are linking to your site.It also gives their urls.

Link Popularity Tool

This tool shows you how many of the sites that are linked to yours are indexed by other search engines.

Keyword Tools

Keyword Difficulty Check

By entering any keyword or phrase you can view how difficult it is to rank for that keyword or phrase.

Keyword Suggestion

This tool basically tells you how people search for a term on the net and what keywords or phrases you can use in a blog/website.

Rank Checkers

Search Engine Rank Tool

You can use this tool to check in what posotion you are in Goodle , Msn and Yahoo.

These tools are powerful and they can be at a bloggers advantage used well.You can use them like i said before to check how your competition is doing.Do this by checking the number of links they have and try to target that, if you do so you overtake them and rank higher which equals more money.

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william said...

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