Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How to make $100 on adsense in just a week Part 1

N.B This must be done after your Goolgle Adsense account which you sign for has been approved on

Most bloggers out there hardly ever make a $100 in 8 months after joining adsense.The reason for this, is because they tend to ignore Adsense Referrals [Google products i.e. Google packs] and of cause lack of traffic. Google pays $2 for every person who downloads the products on your blog.And the products are free.

Well I have come up with a plan of making a lot of money from those products, I tried this method myself and it worked which I would like to share with bloggers that joined adsense on my blog.

You will need:

1. +- 60 friends with internet

2. A new blog [Classic template style] a.k.a revert to old template

A new blog:

This blog must use the old or classic template style theme,do this by going to Layout>Edit Html,than at the bottom of the screen select Revert to Classic Template. The reason for this: is to be able to place the adsense script in the post itself. The blog can be identical to the original blog that you have. Example of my blog download blog

This will be your download blog where visitors will be able to download the adsense products which are provided free by Google. You can place the link of the download blog on your original blog.On my blog the link is situated on the top left corner as [Free Download] it is up to you what you name the link but Free Downloads is the best title.

After you done making you blog look like your original blog.Youll will need to make it to be able to add adsense codes in the middle:
Here is the article to help you
N.B take note of the line that says <!-- Your AdSense code -->

After you followed those instructions, log in your adsense account go to Adsense Setup>Referrals>Select Google Packs

After you get here scroll down and select any Banners of your choice in the 180x60 pixels category and press continue. Copy the adsense code and go back to the Template section on blogger on your download blog and paste it on the line that says <!-- Your AdSense code -->as you were told in the article I referred you to.

Preview the blog and if the ad s are in the post save template changes.


Anonymous said...

Nice adsense strategy!


lady influence said...

traffic still is the key to getting more from adsense.. but this strat is useful..