Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How to make $100 on adsense in just a week Part 2

Now write a post describing what the product [Google Pack] is and what it contains.
N.b don’t forget to stress that it’s free

After doing so place this tags <adsense> at the end of your post(this will place the banner at the end of the post). Than publish

60 friends with internet
Now its time for the money making part. Tell your entire friend with internet including the friends you have from Skype, Google talk, Msn IM, Myspace and other chat rooms .To come and download free stuff on your download blog that you created. The number of friends you need is +- 60.Do this in your first weak and see and if succeful your Google will send your check at the specified time

N.b the people you refer can only download once and it must be the first time downloading Google packs

N.b if 60 people don’t make you $100 keep on referring more people

You can do this until you a thousandnaire or millionare, the more people that download the more money you make. There is no limit

N.b This tactic is legal because it doesn’t its not in the lines of click fraud. It is what it is i.e. referring people to a product
N.b Do not download from your own blog it will gwt you banned from adsense

Leave a comment if you need help and the url blog you need help with
If you thinking of taking a look at google packs please download from my download blog.Because downloading from your own blog will get you disqualified

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rmn123 said...

Hi Richblogger,
I came across your site while searching. I feel that you are in this quite a long time. I am new to blogging. I am a stay at home mom and I really want to earn money from home. So I turned to blogging. I applied for google adsense but they rejected my blog. But, I really want to succeed in this. Can you help me out by guiding me?
Thanks in advance,