Tuesday, August 08, 2006

High paying adwords the truth

Highest paying adword, truth and Liars , Tools To Use

Every time we see sites on the internet that are providing a list of highest paying adword, high paying keywords that claim to pay $80 per click. This means that if two people click on these High paying adwords or keywords, Google will have your check in no time. The first time I saw this, I was amazed and I said to myself I got to write topics about those high paying keywords Inoder to make a quick buck.

I went on to research this and , the more I searched for these high paying keywords, the more I started to recognize a pattern, the keywords list was from one source but on different blogs and sites, than I heard some bloggers and webmasters complaining that these keywords don’t even pay 10% of what they claimed to pay.

The first thing that came to mind was-Why didn’t I ask myself where these people got these High paying adword, because Google does not allow the publication of how much a person Can make per click. If this was true the publishers of the highest paying adwords were going to face a law suit.

The list is as follows:

$54.33 mesothelioma lawyers

$47.79 what is mesothelioma

$47.72 peritoneal mesothelioma

$47.25 consolidate loans

$47.16 refinancing mortgage

$45.55 tax attorney

$41.22 mesothelioma

$38.86 car accident lawyer

$38.68 ameriquest mortgage

$38.03 mortgage refinance

$37.55 refinancing

$35.99 auto accident attorney

$35.52 equity mortgage

$34.34 mesothelioma texas

$34.05 mortgages

$33.80 criminal defense attorney

$33.54 epocrates

$32.95 mesothelioma

$32.08 car accident attorney

$31.60 mortgage refinance rate

$31.38 loan refinance

$31.29 personal injury attorney

$31.24 best refinance

$30.14 register domain names

$29.86 medical malpractice lawyer

$29.68 incorporate

$29.68 malignant mesothelioma

$29.49 mortgage refinance

$29.45 freecreditreport

$29.41 fargo refinance

$28.53 mortgage loans

The pricing differ with other sites but still the same outcome liars


Can you believe the pay outs; well it’s a lie a very big hoax. One thing I will tell you about why this list was put up was and still is to get backlinks and traffic, no other reason. Even if this was true how many people read about these topics? You’ll have to commit click fraud for you to make money.

The Truth about Highest paying adwords:

High paying adwords do exist but not to this extreme and its hard to find them , there is a tool you can use to predict them.

Highest Paying Adword prediction Tool:

Keyword Tool

To estimate which keyword pays more than there other using this tool enter E.G acne, than a list of acne related terms will emerge E.G acne treatment , acne products etc, than enter a random price you’ll pay if you were an advertiser.

After this you will see which term is likely to pay more in terms of acne maybe it will be acne treatment. This does not give the exact price per click but rather the value of the word.
Word of advice stick to topics you know best


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Joel Hanger said...

These are not "liars" they are actual numbers they probably got from the "Key Words" tool. The problem is you don't really know how to use that tool... It's not that you're GOING to get that payout, it's that you COULD get that pay out if someone clicks the link AND the ad that they clicked is by that TOP Bidder... Generally as a rule you probably aren't going to get that top bidders ad, however, you will get anywhere in between that range. You will almost definitely get quite a bit larger payout per click on an ad than had you blogged on something that gets a fraction of that cost.
For example, a $35 theoretical max payout per click is going to get you quite a bit more than a keyword that has a highest pay out of $10. And likewise the payout will be MUCH higher per click than someone with a keyword payout max o $1.48.
Then you have to compare verses the traffic ratio, which also is detailed in the keyword report. Mesothelioma happens to have roughly 1 million searches in August. That's obviously going to get more ads posted to sites and also makes competition harder for your page to be seen. So there's a lot of factors to consider with the hot keywords and the big buck clicks.. Yes stick to what you know, but it can't hurt to start a side blog on a hot key topic after doing some extensive studying!

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