Thursday, September 21, 2006

How and Where to place the ads

Where to place the ads and how

After you have signed up for adsense and your account has be approved you must now implement the ads in the blog.This will depend on which blogger account you on, beta or the normal one. For both I shall provide solutions on where you can place the ads.

Ad placement on not Beta

Many bloggers have written about ad placements so I shall provide links to their blogs, for different ad placement styles. It is not because I’m lazy to do it myself but I feel that these bloggers should also get a fair share of traffic to their blog for the work they have done in developing these tactics.

Ads on the sidebar (Recommended)

This trick comes from blogger help, this allows you to place ads on the sidebar, and the wide sky crapper format is highly recommended in this case Here is the link.

Ads in the middle or inside the post (Highly Recommended)

Placing ads inside the post is very advantageous and most blogger recommend it for making money purposes. More clicks are generated from ads in the middle of the post which means more money. My advice is that you use the Rectangular or Square format; other formats will make your sidebar appear at the bottom of the blog more thing is that you should change the number of post that appear on the main page to 1 here is the link
for doing this. The link for placing ads inside the post is this one here..

Placing the ads at the end of each post

The ads will appear at the end of each and every post you make, this is good because after your reader is done reading the whole page he/she will see the ads at the end of the page.Here is the link

Frequently asked Questions

Q.Can I use all the placement styles at once.

A. Yes provided that you don’t have three ad units per page, which is why I recommend one post on the main page.

Ad placement on beta

For those who are using Beta the only reasonable place you can put adsense is the sidebar. This is one of the things that blogger.beta needs to correct this limitation means less or no clicks and we all know what’s the result of that; NO MONEY!! Yap.anyways here is the link on how to do this >>>>>>

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