Thursday, February 22, 2007

How to increase the number of comments on your blog

There is nothing nicer than viewing your blog and seeing that a lot of people have made comments on it.Im going to discuss ways in which you can increase the number of comments on a blog

Changing the commenting system to a simple one:
Sometimes readers don’t have the time to be logging in their blogger account and verify before the can make a comment. Take me for an example if I have to go through all those procedures to make a comment, I just return to the blog, read other posts and kapish.To remedy this you can change the commenting system and use Haloscan,allow anonymous commets on your blog

Provoking commets from readers

While I was visiting BlogHer this other time, before I left the blog I saw a picture of an Old angry women with the message “commenting wont kill you” I found it so funny that I did something that won’t kill me: I made a comment.
Here is how you can provoke comments:

Give Free Advertising: You can do this by telling readers to “please provide their URL in the comment section if they have a similar post”

Ask questions: You can also provoke comments by asking questions at the end of each post.

Thats it for now i'll be back :-)

If you have more suggestion leave a comment and url


Melissa said...

Hi Vincent - thanks for visiting my blog! It is fun to read the comments people leave, and have noticed that one of your tips (ask questions) works on me pretty well. If someone asks a question in their post, I'm much more likely to comment.

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Alex said...

pues va a ser que no tengo ni puta idea de lo que dices

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good blog....

try to keep a page counter... it will help you know how famous your blog is.

Eric said...

I agree - these types of methods have been working great for me as well.

The extra traffic to has been incredible...

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