Friday, February 16, 2007

Text ads Vs Image ads

Last year June I decided to have image only ads on my blog with the hope that they would make me more money that the conventional text ads on adsense. The reason I had this notion was because I thought that the more visible the ads the more clicks they would generate.

I placed the ads on the sidebar of the blog and after a couple of weeks my predictions were correct, my CTR (amounts of clicks) did rise. I thought wow; this is great, than I looked at the payout for the ads, trust me I wasn’t very pleased. The ads paid +- 60% less than the text ads. To be sure about my conclusion I did some research around a couple of forums, and other publishers were complaining about the low payouts of image ads.

My conclusion is that: when selecting the types of ads you want appearing on your blog, select text only ads and not text and image ads.

“Rather an ad that pays you 30cents for one click than an image ad that pays you 10 cents for a 100 clicks

N.b I am aware that google
[here] promises that image ads will perform well but that’s in future and we might not know when. So for now let’s work with the present times

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